Dr. Cherry Division Round 1 : James and Clover

Dr. Cherry Divison Round 2 : Tony and Scooter

Dr. Cherry Division Finals : James and Clover

Purple Burple Division Round 1 : Gremmie and Tohru

Purple Burple Division Round 2 : Greg and Lisa

Purple Burple Division Finals : Franco and Tohru

Fizzo Division Round 1 : Hank and Edna

Fizzo Division Round 2 : Timm and Willow

Fizzo Division Finals : Allan and Wendy

Hyper Green Division Round 1 : Takas didn't vote as he was away during that time

Hyper Green Division Round 2 : Matt and Cecilia

Hyper Green Division Finals : Matt and Ivy

Semi-Finals Round 1 : James and Willow

Semi-FInals Round 2 : Doan and Tohru

Finals : James and Utah

Drcherry winners

Dr. Cherry Winners James & Scooter

Purpleburple winners

Purple Burple Winners Doan & Tohru

Fizzo winners

Fizzo Winners Timm & Willow

Hypergreen winners

Hyper Greeen Winners Matt & Utah